Power Grows on Trees: Wind Energy via Leafy Green Turbines

urban wind farm designs

Addressing noise and visual pollution associated with wind energy generation in urban contexts, these new trunk-style towers support suspended leaf-shaped turbine housings, hung from organic-looking branches.

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Prism Break: China’s Eye-Soothing Rainbow Road Tunnel

A 1,000-foot long rainbow underpass in Zhengzhou, China is designed to help drivers' eyes adjust from daylight to a artificial lighting and back again.

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Cool as Ice: 10 Years of Artist-Made Shanties on Frozen Lakes

Over the past decade, over 1,000 artists and 60,000 visitors have taken part in this incredible seasonal arts event, coming together to create an annual ...

Coke Machine Acts as a Secret Portal to Hidden Speakeasy

You’d never guess that there’s anything amiss at ‘The Press,’ a sandwich bar in Shanghai, unless you actually witnessed the surreal ...

Celestial Cityscapes: Photographing Dubai from Above the Fog

Home to the tallest building in the world, Dubai is a city rich in skyscrapers that seem almost otherworldly when seen piercing through seasonal layers of ...

Non-Stop Rail: 2 Future Trains Pick Up Passengers in Motion

Saving time, energy and bridging the gap between high-speed rail and local-only service, these proposed solutions (each in their own unique way) let people ...

Smart Bikes: Connected Parts Use GPS to Prevent Theft

Never lose a bike to theft again with smart, GPS-connected parts that alert you when it’s moved without your permission. Two new bike accessories that ...

Wearable Cities: 15 Urban-Patterned Outfits & Accessories

Wear your love for your city on your sleeve – and your t-shirt, tote bag, necklace, cuff bracelet and bandanna. Aerial maps, transit maps, city skylines, ...

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Driverless Living Space: Future Car Envisioned as Mobile Room

Blending elements of rigorous automotive and interior design, this concept car may look like a streamlined vehicle but is more akin to a communal living room ...

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Put To Sleep: 12 Sad Abandoned Pet Shops & Vet Clinics

Stow the cat-carrier and make your own Cone of Shame; these abandoned veterinary clinics and pet shops are closed fur good.