Instant Cities: 3D-Print Your Favorite NYC Blocks on Demand

3d printing

We are accustomed to being able to click a few buttons and get 2D prints of cities, blocks or buildings, and now a new web app allows you to create your own 3D model just as easily, picking and printing your favorite parts of Manhattan.

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Imploded: 8 Burned Out & Abandoned Fireworks Factories

Skyrockets red glare and bombs bursting in air were once sweet music to these abandoned fireworks factories, many of which ended with a bang, not a whimper.

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Hilltop Village: Mini Neighborhood Tops a Green-Walled Store

Fittingly enough for a city that’s all about sprawl, this hilltop village concept for Los Angeles combines residential and retail functions in a way that ...

Room in a Box: Portable Tool-Free Bedroom Set in 30 Minutes

Containing a room’s worth of essential furniture you can take on the bus or train, this all-in-one-box solution costs just $150, is easier to assemble ...

Subterranean Solar: $100K Raised for Daylit Underground Park

With two weeks left to go in its crowdfunding campaign, the Lowline has already raised over $100,000 from over 1,000 backers, promising to turn an old trolley ...

Android Dreams: Google’s Neural Network Reveals AI Art

Those of us working in creative fields have often consoled ourselves that although automation may claim many other jobs, at least robots can’t make art. ...

Enter the Void: 14 Creatively Concave & Sliced-Out Structures

Cutting curves or slices into the facades of buildings doesn’t just make them more visually dynamic, it can create terraces, divert prevailing winds, ...

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Grimm Abandonment: Derelict Australian Fairy Tale Park for Sale

Inspired by classical fairy tales, this deserted theme park recently opened its doors to an urban explorer and photographer, giving outsiders a glimpse into ...

Two World Trade Center: BIG Redesign Deconstructs Skyscraper

A long-standing design proposal from Foster + Partners has been scrapped by developers in favor of a new scheme from BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) that presents a ...

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No Clowning Around: 11 Sad Abandoned Circuses & Carnivals

The crowds have dispersed, the animal cages are empty and the striped Big Top is eerily silent... there's no clowning around when the circus leaves town.